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As Obi-wan Kenobi once famously said, Hello There! And welcome to the home of the Virtual Citizens Podcast: A pop culture podcast for a pop culture generation! We’re a fun and inquisitive podcast that explores all the most interesting aspects of your favourite films, tv series, books and video games through panel discussions, exclusive guest interviews, blog posts and event reporting!

What clever method did David Bowie use to remedy assassination threats at a concert? How accurate is your favourite horror movie that is ‘based on a true story’? What is it about an invasion of giant ants and airborne sharks that make us love sci-fi B-movies? These questions and more answered on the Virtual Citizens Podcast!

Feature Episodes

Episode 47 – Truly Horrifying Tales

On this week’s Virtual Citizens, regular contributor Kimmy Choon takes the helm as host for a spooktacular episode topic, horror films with that dreaded tagline: Based on a True Story. Joined by a coterie of horror fans, the VC crew try to determine what’s the real haunted tales lurking behind some of celluloid’s finest ghost stories. Is The Conjuring a crock? Why is the Catholic Church legally bound to have a few exorcists employed? And what happens when actual police have to deal with a manifestation of the supernatural? Listen and find out!

HOSTS: Kimmy Choon
CONTRIBUTORS: Leandro Pondoc
GUESTS: Emma Curtin, Zoe Brennan-Whitmore


Episode 45 – Pleasant Chats with Derek Landy

On this special guest edition of the Virtual Citizens Podcast, celebrated author Derek Landy, the sinister mastermind behind the Skulduggery Pleasant book series, joins us to talk about all things Skulduggery! We cover the gamut, from how he began writing books to his inspiration behind the badass skeleton detective that conquered the hearts of fans worldwide, how to torture your audience, coming back to the series and some incredibly fanboyish questions. All that and more!

HOSTS: Leandro Pondoc
CONTRIBUTORS: Emmet Jones, Barry Ironic Snap Neenan
GUEST: Derek Landy


Episode 43 – Consent In Media With Roe McDermott

CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of rape, abuse, predatory behaviour etc.
On this special guest edition of VC, we’re joined by Roe McDermott, writer, feminist, film critic, advice columnist and more for a chat about her work, giving advice on sex, what makes film magical and problematic media. She also talked with us about the idea and portrayal of consent in pop culture, examples of how abusive behaviours are portrayed in media and a general conversation about education and how to combat such pervasive attitudes in media.

HOSTS: Leandro Pondoc
CONTRIBUTORS: Emmet Jones, Emma Curtin
GUEST: Roe McDermott


Episode 35 – Rock N Roll With Christy Dignam

On this week’s special interview installment of Virtual Citizens, Irish rock legend Christy Dignam joins the gang to talk about the gamut of his career, from Electron to Aslan and now, meeting David Bowie and who would be in his ideal Irish band.

HOSTS: Leandro Pondoc 
CONTRIBUTORS: Emmet Jones, Vinny Kenny

Episode 8 – Of Mice And Cats

On this week’s Virtual Citizens, dear friend of the show Billy Keenan joins the regular lot to talk about animated shorts! Little slices of animation goodness, from Disney to British dystopias! What makes animated shorts tick? Can love truly bloom between two trees? And what IS Goofy?

HOSTS: Leandro Pondoc & Mark Crabbe
CONTRIBUTORS: Kimmy Choon, Emmet “The Stiff” Jones
GUESTS: Billy Keenan 


Other Cool Stuff

We also have our lovely Podcast Interviews with Dave Rudden, Rick O’Shea, Tramp Press, Dave Fanning Matteo Ceccotti, Richard Chambers, Mark O’Halloran, Christy Dignam, Roe McDermott, Jess Kelly & Derek Landy for you all to salivate over and also our Video Interview with John Hendricks of Big Bang Comics.