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Snap Judgement: Boku no Universe — Soft Boy Revolution

By Barry Neenan

After my unusually vicious article last week, you may be wondering why I watch Boku no Hero Academia at all. But while Mineta is just… really awful, in every sense of the word, he is an outlier. Most characters are entertaining, and some are even commendable.

So to balance the books a little, let me praise the characterisation of BnHA’s actual hero, Deku. And also Steven from Steven Universe. Him too.

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Snap Judgement: Haida’s Gonna Hate – Or Not

By Barry “IronicSnap” Neenan

I often claim there’s no such thing as a bad trope. No matter how tiresome or problematic a concept is, there is – theoretically – a way to do it ‘right’. To either treat it as appropriately uncomfortable, or somehow execute it with a minimum of awkwardness.

That’s lip service, to an extent. There’s some tropes I struggle to see as redeemable. Some have become real pet peeves for me, like the Nice Guy, a man we’re supposed to root for as he ineffectually pursues a woman who may not be interested to begin with.

And that makes it all the more impressive that I, and thousands of other nominal adults, would die for Haida, the accountant who is also a hyena.

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