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Snap Judgement: In Slave, No-one Can Hear You Screen

By Barry Neenan

[This article contains spoilers for Incredibles 2 that anyone above the age of seven would probably guess anyway.]



Ladies and gentlemen, it’s TOO MUCH for my willing suspension of disbelief!

Oh, Incredibles 2. I didn’t think I’d be writing a critical article on your villain. But as Syndrome would say, you can’t always count on your heroes.

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Snap Judgement: Making Light of The Light

By Barry Neenan

Last year, I caught up on a beloved piece of modern pop culture I had been missing out on, and watched through the entire run of Young Justice. And it was… fine. A solid B Minus. Pairs well with chocolate.

There’s a few critiques I could point to; overall I found the tone too dour, and I didn’t really connect with any of the main characters. (It’s a bad sign my favourite member of the team is Wolf, who is a wolf. Not a wolf-man, or a talking wolf. Just a wolf. He’s a good boy, Brent.) But moreso than anything else – and this is tragic, coming from me – I could not stand the villains.

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Snap Judgement: He’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Titan

By Barry “IronicSnap” Neenan

Here is a very basic sociology fact: as education increases, birthrates decrease. The more educated Jane Doe is, the less kids she’ll probably have. As a result, many countries such as Italy and Japan are in fact below the necessary 2.4 children per parental couple required to maintain a population, meaning their populations are now falling, not rising.

Did you get all that? Did you understand this basic phenomenon I learned off for my first year exams? Congratulations. You are officially more intelligent than the antagonist of Marvel Studios’ record-shattering blockbuster, Infinity War.

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Snap Judgement: Villain Apologism and You

By Barry “IronicSnap” Neenan

[This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we guess.]

I hope you’re sitting down for this, dear reader. I’m about to hit you with quite the revelation: Star Wars fans are arguing online.

Yes, with Disney’s revival of the Skywalker saga, a new generation gets to live and breathe the quintessential Star Wars experience of bickering violently over nothing. Is the casting tokenistic? Will we tire of the planned barrage of yearly films? Is The Last Jedi the worst film ever made? Isn’t Oscar Isaac dreamy? This article isn’t about these questions, although here are the answers: No, Yes, How quickly we forget Phantom Menace! TLJ had flaws but admirable intentions and easily beats any of the prequels, and Heck Yes.

Instead, I’d like to discuss the modern fandom’s largest but most controversial ship: the belief, strongly held by many, that the sweaty desert girl totally has the hots for the lanky fascist with poor impulse control. Who tortured her one time.

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